We have vast experience in production & exports of Tractor Parts, Precision Nuts, Bolts and ADV Parts. With the firm commitment towards quality and reliable services, we have slowly moved ahead. Today we are among the leading manufacturers of tractor parts. We have highly trained staff to keep a strict quality check on parts that leave our factory.

We are Manufacturer and exporters of Hub Bolts, Trailor Bolt & Nuts, Check Nuts, Carriage Bolts & shovel Bolts, Tiller Pins & Top Link Pins, Hook Pins, ADV Parts, Replacement Balls, Top Links, Tiller Parts, Draw Bar, Blade Double Finger, Side Link, U Clieves, R Pins, Linch Pin, Lower Link Chain, Spanners, Trolly Steel Hubs, Spindles, Tie Rod Ends, Brake Drums, Levelling Assembly, Half Axle & Long Axle.

We at Partalsons are committed to provide high quality parts at most reasonable prices. Besides the extensive range of products that we produce, we are fully equipped for customized product development, meeting high quality standards at competitive prices.